Firewood Delivery

Stay warm all winter long with quality firewood, delivered right to your doorstep! Our firewood is hand selected to ensure your fire is longer-lasting.

Wood Types

Mixed Firewood: Our most popular firewood blend and a customer favorite. May include elm, aspen, cottonwood, pine and other regional species. Perfect for average-sized fireplaces and stoves. Available as a mix only.

  • PRICING: Full Cord: $180 | ½ Cord: $120 | ¼ Cord: $75

Regional Hardwood Mix: Includes maple, ash, and other regional hardwood species. Average length is 16″ and the pieces are slightly thinner than our classic mix. This high quality wood makes a premium fire. Available as a mix only.

  • PRICING: Full Cord: $250 | ½ Cord: $150 | ¼ Cord: $95

Delivery Details

Free delivery to addresses within El Paso County. Additional mileage fees apply beyond El Paso County lines.

Minimum order may apply. Scheduled deliveries are subject to change due to weather and/or road conditions.

Stacking Service: We can stack your firewood upon delivery for an additional $40/cord fee. Driver must be able to back up to within 5 feet of stacking area. Additional distance fee is $0.50/foot measured from delivery vehicle to stacking location.

FireWood Delivery Sign-up

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Choose between Mixed Firewood or Regional Hardwood Mix and quantity (available by full, half, or quarter cords).


“Excellent firewood! Definitely beats what I’ve bought from stores in the past by a long shot.”

- Natasha P., homeowner


“Low smoke and a long burn every time. I’m never going elsewhere again.”

- Ben G., homeowner