Preparing your home and property for high temperatures and a lack of moisture is key to fire mitigation. Saving your home from a possible fire can also help prevent fire from spreading further and help fire fighters trying to stop wildfires as well. Rockrimmon and Black Forest have both been victims to horrible fires in the area. If you need your property maintained to prevent or help the spread of wild fires, call us today to get a free quote on how we can help.


What is fire mitigation

Fire mitigation involves removing any extra shrubs, trees, dead branches, etc that could fuel any type of wildfire that may occur near your home. Even a few shrubs near your house could be enough, if on fire, to cause damage to the nearby structures and worsen the situation. Read more: Fire Mitigation: 101


trees too close to structure

Clearing the space around your home, whether it be pruning trees or removing shrubs and dead branches, can keep the fire away from your home in order to prevent any damage. It’s also important to keep any firewood away from the side of the home.


clear space gives fire no place to go

Low grass levels and a clear area around the house keeps the fire away. Even if your home is made of something other than wood, it can still get damage from any fires that may occur. If fuel for the fire is far enough away, the fire will have trouble spreading.